Design Philosophy


Design Philosophy

“Masterful planning examines each project in the light of an inspired and inspiring vision, solves each problem as a part of a total and compelling concept which, upon consideration, should be self-evident. Stated simply, a central objective of all physical planning is to create a more salubrious living environment–a more secure, effective, pleasant, rewarding way of life.”

– Landscape Architecture

Our design philosophy is to create an outdoor living experience by connecting the existing home architecture with the surrounding landscape. These areas form an intimate, yet functional, outdoor setting for the home in addition to a seamless transition to the outdoors.

As it is with every home, the landscape too, is unique. To create a successful outdoor living space there is, unfortunately, no template for the design. In order to create a functional space a myriad of factors must be considered prior to and during the development of the design. Involved in the process first and foremost are the wishes of the homeowner, specifically their ideals and intentions for the space. Second is the home’s interior aesthetic. This area is an “outdoor room” and, if designed correctly, it becomes an extension of the home’s interior. Last to consider in the process is the existing environment. If there are actual problems with the site; poor drainage, lack of privacy, or limited functionality, they must be identified and addressed during the analysis of the existing site.

Once these factors are clear the design can begin. During the design process and throughout the entire planning and development stage it is important to ensure that there are no surprises for the homeowner. Our design philosophy encourages every homeowner to become a member of the design team. With the homeowner’s involvement during the entire process, this philosophy guarantees successful results from the design.

Our “Total Project Management” guarantee ensures that all clients receive the best advice and service available along with our professional expertise and coordination.