Below is a slideshow presentation of our current quarterly. This project was an improvement upon a customer’s existing backyard setting.

As it can be seen, a pavilion was constructed at the end of the homeowner’s pool. The decision for the pavilion was a response to the needs of additional gathering and seating areas in the garden. By having this covered space at one end of the garden would allow this “outdoor room” to be functional even in bad weather.

Because there was no method for arrival into the gardens, walks were poured. This connected both the front and side of the home with the gardens and allowed the pool and pavilion to be accessed easily from the existing patio.

To serve as a focal point and to further add to the aesthetic appeal of the garden a fish pond was installed. With its location in the gardens the sound of falling water can be heard from throughout the setting. The waterfall was positioned in a manner so that it could be viewed from within the home and all the outdoor gathering areas.

Aside from the pavilion another structure was built. This swing-arbor offered additional built-in seating, adjacent to the existing patio which reduced the clutter of patio furniture and improved on circulation.

Lastly, shade from existing trees caused lawn failure near the fence. To solve this problem planting beds were created around the perimeter and the adjacent dying grass was replaced by Palisades Zoysia, a more shade tolerant grass, to facilitate a low maintenance lawn.