About Edison Wingate



My love for agriculture formed while growing up in a farming community in rural Delaware. The agrarian life offered a connection to the land which I found inspiring. It instilled in me the treasures of mother nature and her delicate balance. Those early roots were my anchor and motivation for events that followed. While in high school my interests were focused towards the drafting programs where I explored my drawing and design skills. Farming was the root but I was searching for the flower.

Upon graduation I attended the University of Delaware and received a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture. But I knew something was still missing. My interests began to focus towards shaping and detailing landscapes. Reflecting upon my high school drafting experience I envisioned what I wanted to do; to combine my love of agriculture with my affinity for design. I saved my money and in 1983 I enrolled at the University of Georgia at Athens. Utilizing my prior experience and plant knowledge I focused on design and construction methods and received a Bachelors in Landscape Architecture in 1985.

With two degrees and tons of experience I set out for work in a field but there was a problem; a 9 to 5 just wasn’t for me! The solution was to start my own company. Goodbye 9 to 5; hello 24-7! Owning a business was more work than I had bargained for but I wouldn’t have it any other way! With 20 years of success I know my decision was correct!

So, You Think You Bought a Lemon?
My wife and I bought our home in 1990. It needed a facelift both inside and out, yet we felt it had the potential and location that a growing family demanded. I saw our prospective home as something of a challenge but I was confident; armed with a trained eye and many creative ideas, anything was within reach. Read More…

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